Monday, October 1, 2007

Here are a few more.........

I am putting out a few more photos of my camper. I wanted you to see what it looked like on the outside. I am going to use red paint for the stripes where the gray is. It hasn't cooled off too much here, and of course 10 degrees higher than normal. I hate it! I love fall and it is going to be over and go straight to winter! Hard to "play" camper when it is blazing!
Here is the cherry watercolor I did for the camper. I was just playing around and having fun with it. And I had this vintage frame for it after I dug around in the basement. Wish you could all see how sweet my lanterns look when they are lite up! I have some super cute red Chinese lanterns to hang up under my awning outside the camper. A really nice friend gave those to me, I can't wait to use them!! No awning yet either, bummer.
I was at an auction all day on Saturday and filled my SUV and the bed of a truck. Now I have it all over to sort and price. Looks like my apartment exploded!!
Last night before I went to bed one of my cats, Boris, (note photo, he is the one that doesn't have green eyes,) The green eyes is Sebastian, Anyway he got out last night. I stayed up late and waited for him to come home. I was driving all over my small town looking for him at 1am in my jammies. I had the window down whispering his name, no such luck. I was so tired I was really afraid I would end up running over my own flipping cat or something. So I finally had to go to bed. Well Mr Sassy Pants decided to show up this morning about 7am. Does he realize he cost me a night's sleep??!! I can't keep my eyes open any longer but happy he came home:-)


Nunnie's Attic said...

Your camper looks adorable. I love your painting! Boris, Boris, Boris! Is he friends with my Cinnamon? Running around with their ga-ga friends....shameful.


FarmHouse Style said...

The camper is beautiful. I am very impressed with your watercolor:)
I am glad Boris is home safely. Such a naughty kitty to worry Mom like that!
Hope you get some rest.

Cottage said...

I thought your watercolor was impressive! And I am green with envy about your the decorations in gingham and cherries. Nothin' like a cat to make mommies worry. They look adorable!

BittersweetPunkin said...

That is too funny that you waited all night for the cat to come home AND that you drove around looking for him!!! They ARE just like kids aren't they!!! Wherever he went I hope it was worth all the worrying you did! Love the camper too!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I think Boris and Cinnamon had a secret rondevu, LOL! Glad your baby made it home safe. I am loving your trailer and all of your cute cherries :)


Counting Your Blessings said...

I figure, since we're fairly close to each other, I may just wander your direction one evening. If you should wake and find me in the camper... =) Blessings... Polly

fifi said...

You made out like a bandit! Good for you!
What a wonderful photo of Boris & Sebastian!
Whe I was living in France, I had 2 cats, Romeo & Juliette...Romeo would always stay out late (but of course!) and I would be standing on my little balcony calling "Romeo, oh, Romeo....) the neighbors thought I was slightly "touched!"

Dolly said...

Bad Kitty!
Glad he is home safe!

I think you should bring your sweet cherry camper to my house...we will paint big plump red cherries all over it...then I will get my cherry jammies,cherry slippers,pillow and cherry blanket and cherry tea cup and we can have a cherry fun sleepover!!!! te-hee

Love the watercolor and new additions!

Cherry Hugz,
Dolly @ From my CHERRY heart

Esther Sunday said...

Like I said, I am saving my latte money to make an offer on that trailer! Can't wait to see the outside painted! Your watercolor is wonderful! Love, Esther

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Michelle, Bad Kitty but so glad he showed up the next morning. I know we stayed up all night some time ago when our dog took up and followed a strange dog that wandered on the property. Finally we got a phone call from a very nice lady who had seen Ben (our dog) and put him in her fenced yard and gave him food and water and called us. Thank goodness for dog collars with name tags and phone numbers. He was 7 miles from home. What a scare that was. I am loving all your cherry stuff for your trailer. Looks like so much fun. Smiles ~ Lynn

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ooh I'm so pleased you found your cat-they don't realise what a worry they are to us!!! Your camper is fab-it should be in a Cath Kidston catalogue!!x

FarmHouse Style said...

Hey Michelle! Thanks for stopping by to visit and offering Birthday Wishes. Between the party on Sunday and a Birthday Dinner tonight, I am wearing out. If not for the sugar high, I would surely have dropped already:)

Anonymous said...