Monday, September 29, 2008

OK...Where did September go??

Wow am I the only one, or did September seem to fly by for anyone else? Does anyone else out there have severe allergies in the fall?? I am miserable even taking all my meds! We haven't had rain for 2 weeks or so, and then they are picking the blasted corn and bean fields in the lovely Midwest. Ugh! Looks like today we might get rain. I love rainy days, they are so cozy. At least NOW I like them again after having roofs replaced this summer on both of my buildings.

This is part of my tiny laundry room and I added the new little vintage clip hanger and it is perfect for drying my delicates. I love all of my vintage children's items and this is only part of them. I will show you more later on. The vintage Stewart seeds sign is perfect since that is my last name:-)

I found the small Royal Winton chintz at an estate sale this past weekend, I am going to keep it. It was such a good price and chintz is always so expensive.

My sister and I did find some time to start new projects. We did
collages and even added fairy dust on them so we could cut them up and turn them into ornaments. That is one of my collages at the top and to the side.

And if you haven't been over to see Polly at Counting Your Blessings she has a wonderful new magazine she has had published called Porch. I loved every page of mine! I can't wait for her holiday issue it will be packed full of more great photos.

One sad thing this month, my attached man's sister died suddenly. She found out she had lung cancer and within a week she was gone. Her husband said she seem to look up towards heaven and then just closed her eyes. I guess it was very peaceful but still sad for her family left behind.

I was tagged a while back by Linda at Somewhere in Time to play a question and answer game, here goes~~~

1~~ Where was I ten years ago? I was here living behind my antique mall.
2~~ What was on my To Do list today? Finish my post I started on my blog, shipping, mop my kitchen, pay phone bill, make a lampshade.
3~~ What would I do If I were a billionaire? I would make sure my family's future would be secure, mom, dad, my sister and my son, of course my attached man, maybe he would become more than that;-) I would really enjoying doing for others that were in need. I think I might start my own charity organization.
4~~ Five places I have lived? Indiana (three different towns in Indiana) Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas
5~~ Bad habits? I deal with procrastination on many different levels, shoving things in drawers or in my closet instead of taking the time to put things away correctly, Hince my nick name my brother-in-law called me~Stuffn'Stash. Open more than one box of cereal after I go the grocery store, because I can and my mother wouldn't let us when we were little, (can you say rebellious? LOL)
Thanks Linda that was fun!! Sorry it took me so long to play, forgive me.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Fall, then Christmas is around the corner again too isn't it? Wow time does fly!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Winner Is.....

The winner of my giveaway is............Robin at
Bittersweet Punkin!! I used the Random Number Generator....This is what it gave me, number 4 so that would be the 4th post! Congrats Robin:-) Send me your info and I will get your goodies out to you.

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2008-09-07 17:34:32 UTC

This darling frame I have listed on Ebay right now, I hated to part with it. Also one of the shades and frames that I finished up!

Hope you all are having a great weekend. It is going by fast but then don't they all?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Already Been Done & Happy September!

Don't you just hate it when someone else has your same idea you have used for years and *poof* there YOUR ideas are in a magazine. I have had that happen to me many times. I have been doing things for years, and then Martha declares it is a "good thing" and I knew it had been a good thing for years but SHE gets the credit. I have been leafing through a few new magazines (not hers) and there are some of "my" ideas! Guess even if I had shared my ideas long ago someone else still would have gotten the credit huh? Don't ya just hate that?

*Up above is one of my jars I did, my vintage altered spoons and one of my frames. The spoons and jar are in my Etsy store, the frame has sold.

The summer has flown by, where did it go? I love fall but I am not ready for it yet. I have had a lot of fun in the camper this summer (just parked out in the back, I don't take it camping) I have had to get a lot of repairs done on my building, I had a tenant move out in the middle of the night so there is that to deal with, the repairs to the apartment, cleaning etc. Lots of sales to go to, auctions, the store to run, blah blah blah, that has been my summer this year. I just survived our town's Summer's End Festival last weekend. That is a very busy day for my antique mall but I am SO glad to have it over. The fireworks were great like always. Nice to watch them from my home and not have to fight the traffic. I watched them in my jammies this year just like a little kid, lol.

It has been a little over a year since I started blogging so I am going to do a little give away for my 1 year blogversary:-) I have several things fun things in this little pile and maybe I will find a few more things to add before I mail it. I also added one of my little cherry camper tags to celebrate my sweet campers one year anniversary too!. I will pick a lucky name next Sunday, September 7th.

Saturday we went to Indianapolis to shop at Half Price books, I got a great retro housewife book, It is full of fun things. Also shopped at Trader Joe's, I love that store, then ate at Joe's Crab Shack. We ended the day at they Symphony on the Prairie, it is an outdoor concert and ended with a wonderful fireworks display. We really had a long fun day.

My sweet friend Linda over at Somewhere in Time gave me this wonderful award a long time ago and I am just now posting it. Thank you so much Linda!! I am always so honored when someone passes on an award to me. I need to pass this along as well but I will research to see where it needs to go.

Hopefully things will calm down around here and I can get back into the swing of blogging again. I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and I will pop over and visit everyone in the next day or two!

This is a set of neat old wallpaper hat boxes I purchased this summer and this darling little bird cage.