Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween All

I just wanted to take time to wish everyone to have a spooky fun evening!! I don't do the trick or treat thing now that my son is an adult. So I am staying in and my attached man is coming over bringing pizza and we are going to cozy up and watch a scary movie. Lots of candles too! Here is the rest of my Halloween display I did. (I drew and painted the little cards for fun) I put flicker bulbs in my chandelier but you can't see it but it looks neat.
Have fun all!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

I'm Late but the Winner Is.....................

Due to my long unexpected weekend I forgot to pick my winner for my give away!!! Oops!! those 3am mornings are tough but the fun my sister and I had was well worth it!! Here is the winner from the random number generator..............Was number 2~Robin at Bittersweet Punkin!!! Use my email address on my profile page and send me your address!!! Congrats!! (take my word for the number~can't seem to get pics to load at this moment)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sisters Making Memories~Camper Time!!

Last night it was sister sleep over nite in the camper!! We met our sons at McAlister's Deli for dinner, yum!! Then we went shopping for fun stuff for our paper art. My little camper was full of paper and all sorts of do-dads. Doing our work in the camper meant many trips in and out of the house to use the stove to dry the paper. (camper stove isn't hooked up yet) You see, we didn't start until almost 11pm, so we needed the paper to dry FAST! We ended up in bed at 3am and of course with a bedtime laughfest!! Sisters making memories..........When can we do it again?!?! Hope you are all having a great weekend and making your own sweet memories:-)
***Hey guess what??? She called while I was doing this post and she is coming back with more stuff! We will be half dead by tomorrow evening but oooh we will have fun:-)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ma & Pa Kettle

photo of Ma and Pa Kettle at Home,  Marjorie Main, Percy Kilbride
Do you remember those old movies about Ma & Pa Kettle and their leaky roof? Well it was a rainy evening here last night and I love those types of evenings but.............. I was working and getting ready for the barn sale coming up. I had to upstairs for something and was so happy that I was getting so much done, then what a surprise I got~ my bed was soaked on one side!!. I knew I had a little problem with the roof and that it needed repaired but this is a BIG problem!. I had to go up into the loft and station rubbermaid totes all over to catch the drips, each time I thought I had them all I had to go back up because I could hear another one! Then I finally was so tired I just started taking towels and stuffing them around. Which leads me to think I am changing the name of my antiques mall to Ma & Pa Kettle Antiques!! Seems fitting huh?? But I am a Ma with no Pa. Think it would be ok if I cried now? Ok I won't cry but I sure feel like it:-( Maybe I better my grandmother says, this too shall pass:-)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apron Book Give Away!

I don't have much time this week for posting or even reading blogs, but I did want to do a give away!! Just because everyone else is doing it and it looks like fun! So here is what I have for one lucky winner~The Apron Book, great little book about aprons~Of course a vintage apron, a small vintage floral tablecloth with matching napkins, and a set of darling little cherub/angel note cards. I am going to pick the winner next Sunday morning, so you have until then to post. And I am going to use one of those online number pickers, <<(I am tired can you tell, lol) Oh yeah, Random number generator. So post as many times as you want, I will plug in the numbers and let it pick one for me. off to bed now!
(click pic for larger view)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Blogging time

This has been a busy week but then aren't they all?? I love blogging and I have made so many new friends I wish I had more time to spend visiting and posting. I don't know how you all find the time to blog everyday and post blogs as well! I have to MAKE myself not do it so I can get my other stuff done, like work! lol
This wonderful cherry bag was sent to me by the sweetest blog friend~ Michelle at Vintage Pistache Isn't it darling!!! She was so kind to send it to me because of my love of cherries~You remember that cherry camper of mine??:-) What surprise to find at the post office waiting for me! Just like Christmas!! She even packed it in matching tissue paper. That is great since I am such a color junky. I have to use mugs/cups for my tea and coffee to match what I am wearing. (I am baaaaaad on color coordination, sort of an obssession I think lol)

These are the cutest Halloween cards that are vintage inspired. I found them at Barnes and Noble~a box of 24 for only $6.95~What a deal! I love to mail out cards the old fashioned way.
I can not believe that the end of October is almost here! I will have to be digging out Christmas decorations soon to put out in the store! And I am NOT ready to Christmas shop. But I am ready to see all my vintage Christmas decorations! I like to get them out early so I can enjoy them as long as possible

This is a black and white toile lampshade that I finished up this week. I have a thing lately for black and white. Not really sure why that is. I wish I had more time to make these, I have so many designs and ideas. That goes for all my other projects too.

***NOTE***I am planning to do a give away and will be doing a post on it over the weekend so check back!!!
Happy Friday to all!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Award Made Me Smile:-)

Thank you to Michelle at Vintage Pastiche', she awarded me with the "You Make Me Smile Award" What a pleasant surprise! There are SO many wonderful blogs out there that always make me smile and keep me coming back again and again.
The rules to this are to pass this award to 10 other ladies that make you smile.
Here are my picks, I am only allowed 10 so I hope this gets around to everyone!!

*Dena~at Swaddle Cottage
*Lynn at the Vintage Nest
*Robin at Bittersweet Punkin
*Lisa at A Thing For Roses
*Sarah at Misadventures of Sarah and Jack
*Linda at Somewhere in Time
*Mary Isabella at Daisy Bouquet
*Dolly at My Cherry Heart
*Fifi at Chez Fifi
*Angie at Scrapnmomsmoments

There are so many out there that make me smile so these are only a few! Please pass this on!!

A little about me

Polly had asked me about my dinner date that I had last weekend. Here it is Saturday again and time for another dinner date. Wow that week went by fast!!
About me....... I have been divorced now for 3 1/2 years, finally my life feels peaceful and normal. I got rid of all the drama when I got rid of my ex. I am dating a man that had been my platonic friend for 15 years or so. When we would get together we always had a good time laughing and talking for hours. I never thought anything about it, just happy to have him as a friend. Now here I am dating this man. We still laugh and have a good time and there is no drama and no arguing. Life is peaceful and fun. Things are not perfect though, he lives 40 minutes away and we only see each other 2 or 3 times a week. He must really love me because he had to trade his truck in to buy a new one because the old one had too many miles on it from driving to see me, lol. One Sunday evening this past January he gave me a diamond ring over a game of Scrabble, (told you life was peaceful, lol) I am too old for a "promise" ring, so I named it my attachment ring. So I am official attached! My 22 year old son gave his approval which means a lot to me. He watches out for his mother:-)
Life is good for now and I feel very blessed.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One Autumn Day.....

Yesterday was the day my sister, mom, dad and I went the Covered Bridge Festival. We all took the day off from everything and had fun just the 4 of us. My sister and I managed to leave our families behind. It was breezy and 40 degrees cooler than it was Monday, It felt like winter! I am sure I kept my winter coat on all day! We actually went the day before it started. Going early has it's pros and cons, mainly pros. Cons~not all the vendors are set up, and not hardly any food booths are going yet, Pros~not hardly any traffic, all the flea market vendors are set up so it is better pickings. We prefer the antique junk dealers over the crafters because we all resale, so it makes sense to go early for those bargains!!! We found lots of stuff and my sister accused me of taking up too much room with all my stuff, she was teasing of course (but I did hog up the trunk, lol) Since there were not hardly any food booths open we found mini doughnuts for lunch~YUM!! They were so hot and just melted in your mouth:-) Something about eating food outside makes it tastes better I guess.
We found the guy that sells all the enamelware. He was on the cover of a past Country Living and they he did the Country Living Show, (some of the comments on this link are interesting to read) We got all the left overs but we got better deals, so that was cool. I love the old labels that are on them. The chenille pumpkin was only $2, can you believe it! All 3 of us bought those. On Tuesday I also picked up this darling little white terrarium, it was only $7. I am keeping it and can't wait to put a Christmas display in it! There were a lot of laughs and we all had fun. I am tired today but it was well worth it. I can't think of any better way to have spent the day there than with the "original"4!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tricks and Treats

Finally found time to do my little Halloween display using some of my vintage postcards and things. I had fun playing around with it. This corner shelf is in my kitchen. Not much room in my apartment but I keep it filled up, LOL. My black cat in the outside planter I picked up at the Goodwill for 50 cents! I sprayed him with clear coat to protect him, he is by my apartment door. This is a stack of vintage tablecloths that I just put out in the store. I have a hard time not keeping them all! And the pink little shell girl I am going to sell on eBay tomorrow. Isn't she darling!??? Would be perfect for those of you that decorate by the beach. Well I guess there weren't any tricks only treats!
Off for my dinner date!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Looks Like Autumn, Feels Like Summer!

It is SO hot here right now and up to 90 by Friday, this is suppose to be Autumn in the Midwest, but feels like Summer, yuck! How am I suppose to be sipping hot apple cider in this weather? My tan has faded and I packed up my summer things a week ago! I refuse to put my white legs back into my little summer skirts!! Guess I need to break out the bottle.... of fake tan that is! Denial isn't working to make the heat go away. Darn it!!
The Covered Bridge Festival starts next weekend and I am hoping it cools off for that. I used to set up at it for the 12 days but now I am going for the fun of it with my mom, dad and sister. We never get to do anything just the 4 of us. It ought to be a good time! I will have to make sure I take pictures to show you!
This is just a few of the fall displays in and around the store. I will be working on my Halloween displays soon. That is always fun dragging out my vintage Halloween decorations!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Here are a few more.........

I am putting out a few more photos of my camper. I wanted you to see what it looked like on the outside. I am going to use red paint for the stripes where the gray is. It hasn't cooled off too much here, and of course 10 degrees higher than normal. I hate it! I love fall and it is going to be over and go straight to winter! Hard to "play" camper when it is blazing!
Here is the cherry watercolor I did for the camper. I was just playing around and having fun with it. And I had this vintage frame for it after I dug around in the basement. Wish you could all see how sweet my lanterns look when they are lite up! I have some super cute red Chinese lanterns to hang up under my awning outside the camper. A really nice friend gave those to me, I can't wait to use them!! No awning yet either, bummer.
I was at an auction all day on Saturday and filled my SUV and the bed of a truck. Now I have it all over to sort and price. Looks like my apartment exploded!!
Last night before I went to bed one of my cats, Boris, (note photo, he is the one that doesn't have green eyes,) The green eyes is Sebastian, Anyway he got out last night. I stayed up late and waited for him to come home. I was driving all over my small town looking for him at 1am in my jammies. I had the window down whispering his name, no such luck. I was so tired I was really afraid I would end up running over my own flipping cat or something. So I finally had to go to bed. Well Mr Sassy Pants decided to show up this morning about 7am. Does he realize he cost me a night's sleep??!! I can't keep my eyes open any longer but happy he came home:-)