Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keeping Busy

Nothing much is going on here with me. I don't have any funny stories to tell, no cats in skillet, that was such a funny story!! There are so many of you out there that have lovely things to write and I enjoy reading about them all!! I have been working on lampshades, collage art and some other things. Seems like I bounce around from room to room trying to get several things done at once.
It has finally cooled off here so I can get back to the camper and get my fall displays done in the shop!!! Yippee! Maybe I can even drink some hot tea or apple cider. Yum!! the camper isn't any fun when I get all hot and sweaty out there. that isn't my idea of cozy.
I got another piece of art done and one ready to frame!! The blue and gold lamp shade is my newest shade. and look at what my sweet friend Polly sent me~Cherry Camper goodies! What a great surprise!
I did get my cherry decals for my camper and got those up. I will have to post more photos of the camper. I painted a picture of cherries to hang up out there. Can't seem to find anythat look right, so I will just paint them myself!! I will show you those when they are done!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Treasures

I just couldn't stay home and rest my back I HAD to get up and go to yard sales and of course it was Goodwill 50% off day so I couldn't pass that up either. Then why waste a trip to town and not get a few groceries, and oops back track, I needed my sweet tea fix from McAlister's deli, then finally made it back around 1. I didn't have to work my store today and I LOVE days off from the store. But living behind my store, I almost have to leave to get any peace and quiet. I will escape to my camper in the future but today was still too warm.
Here are a few things I found today. That little white cabinet I got yesterday and moved my porcelain buttons & pins into it. The little chintz piece I picked up for 25 cents! And that chair. bulletin board, and white rack were from 3 different places but don't they look good together? Think I am keeping that stuff too, LOL The magazines I paid $1 for all of them. Camper reading tomorrow!! I have other stuff but this is all I could get on tonite.
Oh yeah, this is a framed piece of my recent altered art. I think I will be selling it. Hoping to do fun stuff tomorrow! Have a great Sunday all!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Yellow Rose Day

Well I know I am not in the contest but I couldn't resist celebrating the yellow rose theme too!! (Polly's contest at Counting Your Blessings )
I had another back injection today so I am having to take it easy and of course I have my laptop with me on the couch. Good time to get to go around and check out every one's yellow rose blog. There are so many wonderful blogs it will be a difficult decision. The only good thing about being Polly's judge is a have a good excuse to blog surf! Happy Friday Night to all! I am watching AMC, an old Alfred Hitchcock movie is just coming on, hope it is a good one!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

Seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done. Always hurrying to get one thing done after another. I did shut the computer off last night before 11 and was asleep by 11:15. I decided all my work could wait. Even blogging and reading a book!! So now I feel like I have to make up for lost time. For some reason I always feel guilty if I am not keeping busy. I have to MAKE myself take a break. Maybe it is a good thing I have the camper now. It is my little retreat from all the work to be done in the "real" world!!
Saturday I found some great bark cloth that I have listed on Ebay I also found this great foot stool for $5! but I am keeping it and using it in my living room. I think I am starting my fall/winter nesting, LOL. I did find time to redo my fireplace mantel, my version of fall. I didn't think orange went too well, so instead I did the deep rich colors. OK back to work!!
Oh yeah, check out these chartreuse zinnias a friend gave me!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekend Pretties

Here are a few pretty things that I have found lately. I have them listed on ebay right now, they end on Sunday evening. I had a hard time letting the little rose print go!
I went to several sales in the past few days and found some wonderful barkcloth and other things to list! My sister and I found an unadvertised estate sale! We got to go in the house and root around in piles of stuff. OH it was fun!! We had to unpack the SUV and repack it we found so much, LOL. I will get things listed tomorrow and put some photos on here of my finds. Oh by the way, my sister did come up Friday and night and we got to "play" camper! I put my metal chairs outside the camper door, piled up the pumpkins, gourds and candles to make it look festive for fall. We had a great time, but froze in the wee morning hours, (it was sort of like sleeping in a big tin can, lol, No heat in it yet) We got up for sales before 6 and were thrilled to get in the warmth of the car. Not much sleep but it was worth it!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Camper Pics


Ok I couldn't help myself to go "play" in my camper after work and then take more photos. I am waiting for my cherry decals to put in the middle of the cabinet doors! Then comes the red and white awning and metal chairs. It all takes time and thanks for letting me share it all with you! I had the cutest little chinese lanterns with vegetables so took them out & they blend fine with the cherries. I took out a cup of tea to enjoy while I was just sitting and thinking of what I need to do next. Oh yeah, still have to make more valances. Maybe a pillow or two! The electric or propane isn't hooked up yet but I am still hauling dinner out there tomorrow night! I just can't help myself, LOL Check out my plastic kitty kat mirror, and that cool red tole wooden tray. I have had most of this stuff stashed for years and finally getting to drag it out. Thanks again for letting me share!! Off to bed and maybe I will get up in time for morning coffee in the camper:-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sneak Peek

Well I can give you all a sneak peek at my cherry camper. I got 3 valances and 3 pillows made yesterday in between customers. I couldn't wait until the store closed so I could take my things out to the camper! Did I ever mention that I live behind my antiques mall?? Very handy and I don't have to spend all that time commuting!
Also I wanted to say the tea parties I visited yesterday were wonderful! I think we should all do one for the holidays so we can all see how each other decorates for Christmas!!
Back to work!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hoppin' Hyper-Mode

I had a back injection on Friday that is suppose to help repair my back. I had a car accident a couple of years back and I still haven't recovered from it. What does that have to do with hyper you ask?? there were steriods in that injection and I woke up this morning to a red face, HOT and bouncing around like the Energizer Bunny on crack! Ping ping PING!! Guess my back isn't hurting too bad right now or I haven't stopped long enough to find out! I have been getting lots done and being the nice Mom that I am I even went and got my son's laundry from his apartment to wash for him. A good surprise for him and leverage for me when I need his help, LOL.
I am excited because today is the day I get my vintage little camper!! Yippee!!! I have waited years to get one of these. It has already been painted white inside and new mini blinds are up. It is only about 2 miles away so it won't take long to get it back here. I am going to use all of my vintage cherry things I have been collecting over the years and of course add in new stuff too. I am going to put the door opening facing my little courtyard and then eventually have a red and white striped awning over it, string little lights and put my metal chairs painted red and white in front of it. It is very doubtful if I will do much camping but I am going to have a good fun time in my new "playhouse"! Going to have my sister over for a sleepover whenever I get it finished and we can hook up. I feel like a kid but I just can't help it! I will post pictures of it when I get it done. Here is some of the stuff that I have to use. Well I am off to bounce off the walls some more!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Fun Finds & My Stuff!

I am going to share some photos of a few of my fun finds lately!! I found a pair of these stained glass windows and aren't they are wonderful!! Too bad I already have them sold:-( I didn't have a place for them anyway.

Then there is this stash of hats that I purchased from an estate, they are being listed on ebay. The pink one from the 40's with the black netting is super glam! I just love old hats, they make me think of playing dress up with my sister at my grandma's house! Now those were fun times!

Ok now for some pics of my bedroom "headboard" I love this part of my room! I took an old mirror frame and turned it upside down. It is so much fun to find new uses for what some think is "junk"! I have a collection of powder tins and girly stuff up there.

Well that is all I have time for today. Stupid internet has been giving me fits here. What did we ever do without it? I feel like I am jonesing and in need a of a fix if I can't get online. Sad isn't it? LOL

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Name Game

Dena from Swaddlecottage tagged me for the name game, the hardest part for me will be finding someone to tag since I am new in blogland. And this is also going to take some serious thought...hmmmm....Well, my middle name is Renee. Very frenchy huh? Michelle Renee with the accent on the e. I used to LOVE to tell people that when I was little, it made me feel SO important. I forgot all about that until now! Ok down to the game, R~Raunchy? Na, that won't work, Risky? Ok that might be true, RISKY~It was a big risk to start my antiques mall over 16 years ago. E, Oh great how many things can I possibly say that start with an E? Well I could say Evil, but that won't work, (don't ask my ex tho!) ENTERTAINING~Several of my friends think I am nutty and very funny to be with so that will work! N~NAUGHTY? Yes!! guess I can be that at times but in a Happy Bunny way!! Another flipping E~ECONOMICAL~I cut coupons, look for sales and LOVE flea markets, auctions and yard sales, so that is a good one! Last E~ENERGETIC!~That is a reall good one for me, I am always doing something even if I am sitting still, which isn't too often. Whew, I did it! Now to figure out who to tag, guess that I will have to work on that. Anyone that hasn't been tagged let me know, LOL I can tag you!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lotsa Labor

Hope everyone had a nice relaxing Labor Day because mine was full of lotsa labor!! I worked on my new work room and you would not believe the mounds of stuff piled, I felt like a mountain goat plowing through it all. The walls are a creamy white, I even have a cool brick wall, and the doors are painted a great vintage pink color! Looking forward to getting my large chandelier hung! Just what a girl needs in her work room, a beautiful light! Sure hope my son can keep paying his rent on his apt, not sure if he would like my pink and white room to sleep in, lol! It was such fun going around and digging out things I have stashed all over, finally I can have a home for everything. One of my family members nic named me "stuffnstash" because I have things everywhere! It's almost embarrassng where all I do have things put! I will post photos when I get a bit farther along in it. In the mean time here are some photos of a few fun things I found at the flea market on Sunday morning, a great pink rose Wilendur tablecloth , a shabby faded pink rose box and lots of other fun things listed on my ebay page.
I have also posted a few fun pics I took in my store and home!

Monday, September 3, 2007


Thanks Polly for the info on creating links, nothing like letting the world know how dumb I am!
Here is my ebay user id~myshellstuf
Not much there right now but I will be getting more on soon!

Saturday Morning

I found these great chippy metal chairs when I went out to sales Saturday morning! I have them sitting outside of my antique mall for now. Really hard not to drag them back to my little courtyard and keep them! But I already have 3 of them back there right now. Guess I will enjoy them while they last:-) Labor Day weekend has truely been that for me. We started cleaning out my son's old room that is now going to be my work room. Yippee!! Finally I get one!! He moved out a few months ago and rents one of my apartments, so he is close but not too far! I will post photos later one of my workspace. I went to the flea market and I have several things to list on ebay. That will have to be later tonite. A couple of really pretty tablecloths, a sample powder tin, jewelry and some other fun finds! If you get a chance go check it out later tonite, I mean REAL late tonite, LOL. user id~myshellstuf ~PS I haven't figured out how to do a link for you to click on