Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Name Game

Dena from Swaddlecottage tagged me for the name game, the hardest part for me will be finding someone to tag since I am new in blogland. And this is also going to take some serious thought...hmmmm....Well, my middle name is Renee. Very frenchy huh? Michelle Renee with the accent on the e. I used to LOVE to tell people that when I was little, it made me feel SO important. I forgot all about that until now! Ok down to the game, R~Raunchy? Na, that won't work, Risky? Ok that might be true, RISKY~It was a big risk to start my antiques mall over 16 years ago. E, Oh great how many things can I possibly say that start with an E? Well I could say Evil, but that won't work, (don't ask my ex tho!) ENTERTAINING~Several of my friends think I am nutty and very funny to be with so that will work! N~NAUGHTY? Yes!! guess I can be that at times but in a Happy Bunny way!! Another flipping E~ECONOMICAL~I cut coupons, look for sales and LOVE flea markets, auctions and yard sales, so that is a good one! Last E~ENERGETIC!~That is a reall good one for me, I am always doing something even if I am sitting still, which isn't too often. Whew, I did it! Now to figure out who to tag, guess that I will have to work on that. Anyone that hasn't been tagged let me know, LOL I can tag you!


Esther Sunday said...

Sorry, I just got tagged too... but I giggled with my mouth full of a veggie burrito, and it felt funny, after reading how you did your name! Got an "ex" too... don't worry, they all think a like!
Love, Esther

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

LOL, loved it :)


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

You have a great name!! And that was a great post!!

Nunnie's Attic said...

I guess coming up with 3 E's was harder than coming up with the 2 N's that I had.

BTW, love your pics.


Anonymous said...

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