Friday, July 18, 2008

Back Yard Camping & New Projects

How is everyone's summer going?? To me it seems to be going really fast this year, is that because I am getting old, or does it seem that way to everyone? We have been lucky enough to have some cooler temps this summer so my sister and I got extra camper time in, OH twist our arm, lol! She came up Sunday night at 10pm, it is never too late for us to start our projects! She is making jewelry and we have started soldering. I am just making some charms for fun from vintage findings that you can find in my Etsy store soon. She has started her Etsy store called The Mason Jar, There are some really pretty bracelets made from vintage beads and intaglios. Check it out sometime! Isn't this a neat china piece she did? The photo at the top is our 1st batch of soldering. Not bad for 1st timers, lol.

She also brought me this cute vintage cherry box for the camper:-)

Here are my charms that I did the 2nd time we got together, they would work great for packages or something fun!.......

This photo is my fireplace mantel, I redid to give a fresh summer look. I like it so well I just might leave it like that for while! What do you think?
Gotta run, time to go water the flowers.........What are everyone's plans for the weekend? Hopefully something fun!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

I can not believe how fast this summer is going!! Last time I was blogging my sister and I were hanging out in my camper for my birthday. (I have been recovering from mono, thanks for all the prayers and well wishes!I am feeling much better!) We had fun making tags and then she threw me a surprise birthday party on my patio that Saturday evening. I was definitely surprised and embarrassed! There we are together, I am the one on the left with my hair up... (I am not sun burned, I turned red from embarrassment. lol)

She made me the cute little pennant that I hung by my little corner shelves.

She made these darling little petifors instead of a birthday cake, aren't cute?! I have added a few photos of the patio.

I made cherry camper tags while we were in the camper. I put those in my Etsy store, along with the vintage dancer tags.

Here are some of the cute decorations, I just loved the twinkle lights I left them out there for the summer!!

My son had his wedding reception and I made the cake, I wondered how I was going to have the energy to make it through but I did. I used my grandmother recipe, sort of a family tradition, she used to do wedding cakes. While growing up I got to hang out and watch her. She taught me a few tricks;-)

I plan on being back into the blogging circuit again, so I will be popping in in the next few days............Until then have a wonderful and safe 4th of July!!!