Thursday, May 29, 2008

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It is suppose to storm on Friday night so my sister is coming up for my birthday camper sleepover tonight. We decided we would rather not be soggy while running back and forth to the bathroom, lol. Also around here Sex in the City movie comes out at 12:01 am on the 30th (tonight!) and we are thinking of being "wild" and going out for the late late movie. My son does that all the time but us 40 year olds don't normally do crazy things like that . We might stay up late to scrapbook or create but not out running around, lol. Jammies will probably over rule and will stay in and have lots of camper time, Will let you know which way it goes:-)
Time to close the antique store and tote stuff to the camper!

Friday, May 23, 2008

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fun Finds & Happy Memorial Day!

It is so hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend is almost here!! I hope the summer doesn't go as fast.

As I was unloading my SUV out back over the weekend I noticed that most of everything I had picked up Saturday seem to match. So I ran in and got my

camera to take a picture of my grouping. I didn't even realize I had been shopping around one color, lol. I do that quite often. The trunk I found already painted white and check out the cute paper lining. I don't have to do a thing to it!!

Here is also a picture of what I did to the little boudoir lamps. I painted pink little roses on the base then added a pink ribbon and bow to the shades. I also found this white mirror and painted pink roses on it. I have them all listed on Ebay right now. They were fun projects:-)

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail this week~My friend Linda sent me some little goodies for my birthday, the little purse card is darling!! Thank you Linda you are so sweet:-)

I plan on hanging out in my camper for part of the Memorial Day weekend. For my birthday my attached man is buying me a red and white striped awning from Vintage Trailer Supply. It even has the scalloped edges like I wanted. It is a super fun site, check it out sometime if you are into vintage camper trailers. He is also repainting my metal chairs red and white to put under the awning. I have added a few things since the fall to my Cherry Camper. I am always on the look out for vintage cherry things for the camper. Here a couple of new pics of it. And I found this old red lantern at a yard sale, it was missing its guts so I put a tea light in it and it will be perfect for going back and forth to the bathroom when my sister stays next week for my birthday. We are nutty when we get together, lol!
I do hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!!

*********I will be posting my Flea Market Friday but it will link up with my Back Through Time Bargain Beauties.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mushrooms and Bugs

As always each week flies by! Never seems like enough hours in a week to get everything done. Does anyone else have that problem? Maybe it is because there is so much I want to do and enjoy doing I just can't fit it all in, lol.

I fixed fresh green beans, potatoes & ham yesterday for dinner and fried fresh mushrooms, you know the ones that look like sponges, Morel mushrooms. I didn't go hunt mine, I just went to the local farm market and purchased mine. When I was little my grandmother always wanted to take me out on her farm and hunt for mushrooms, well this little girl didn't like walking too far and getting dirty or buggy, (I never out grew that by the way, lol) I could never understand why they would eat those nasty things that she soaked that might have BUGS in them, ick! SO now that I am a big girl I have decided they are very tasty....And to think of all the years I missed out!

Here is a photo of a couple of my latest frames~you can find them listed on Ebay here.
The one with watch faces I haven't go listed yet but I hope to in the next few days. It is so relaxing doing projects in my studio. I was an art major and have created art work for years. This type of art is more relaxing because it doesn't have to be as perfect as felt that my paintings had to be. I will have to post a few pieces of my work some day.

In a couple of weeks my sister is coming up for camper time and we are going to do some fun projects out in the camper, spend the night out there and go see Sex in the City movie. That is what I asked to do for my birthday, I think it sounds like fun!

Well girls, I am a slacker and only putting on 2 flea market items. Check my other blog for some great deals!

I hope everyone has a fun Friday!!

5 little push pins that are glass with stars~they look like the tops of Victorian picture nails~in the color of pretty beach glass~
$5~Includes shipping

Fun vintage sewing items~The whole lot for $10 and includes shipping!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

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I went to my grandmother's house today with my mother. We celebrated Mother's Day early. It was a nice visit and I we dug around and got starts of old established flowers to plant at our homes and gardens. I think heirloom flowers and plants are the best because the have such a nice history behind them. One of the things I brought back is something my grandmother brought from her mother's house in Tennessee when she was a girl and moved away. I hope my new little plant lives:-)

I decided to post some photos of my studio, I am really glad my son decided to move out:-),well not really, I miss him a lot but I always knew what I would do with his room after he left. It isn't even near finished but I love it just the same. I have rhinestones and jewelry
parts all over the place for my frames. Baskets with lace and trims. I used a jewelry organizer for my ribbons. Just getting organized takes forever! I plan on spending some time in there on Mother's Day.

I am off to bed now, going to an auction over in the next state and it will be an early start. Suppose to be a wagonful of jewelry!! We will see how that goes! Wish me luck:-) I am going with a friend so it should be fun.
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!!!

Vintage Fan~ $8 includes shipping~~

Happy May Day to everyone!! This month is the Indianapolis 500 and that is what I used to go to as a birthday gift. My birthday is May 31st. Years ago Memorial Day used to be on the last weekend of May. My mother told me the dr and my dad talked about the race while she was in labor and trying to give birth to me. Some memory for her huh? LOL

I have been so busy lately I haven't found time to blog. Nothing fun really~doctor appointments, colonoscopy, mammogram, back injections.........That has been in the last 7 days! I have Ulcerative colitis and I have to have colonoscopy every 2yrs. This was my 3rd one since I turned 40. Drinking the stuff the day before has to be the worst part but the sleep during and after the procedure is wonderful, LOL . I got sick this time afterwards and ran a fever, that was a 1st for me but things are fine:-)

OK enough of all my medical stuff~The 1st outdoor flea market is this Sunday morning! I can't wait.........a lot of people show up before daylight and bring flashlights. Not sure if I will do that but I get there a daybreak. I am keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't rain!

Have a wonderful May, Enjoy all those May flowers!

I only have time to offer a few things for Flea Market Friday~

2 vintage Pixie Potholders~$6 includes shipping

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