Friday, November 30, 2007

Opening Special!

I am running a special in my Etsy store in celebration of my grand opening. Half price shipping on any item!! Starts Dec 1st and 2nd but for any of my blogger friends it can start today! I have many so many things to add to the store I just haven't had time, but I am glad to had an excuse to hang out in my workroom and create things!
I made a road trip with my dad on Wednesday and I think we covered 400 or more miles in 12 hours, I think I am still tired today from it! He wanted to see a friend of his that deals in watches. I got several neat old porcelain watch dials and old watches to use for my collages. We stopped a few thrift stores and a couple of antique stores. I found a few fun things. We had a good time and we always goof around teasing each other.
I finally got a half way decent picture of my Christmas tree, it still looks much prettier in person. Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend! If you have time drop me a line and tell me what you will be doing! I love to hear what others do for the holiday season!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Spinning in Circles

I actually found time today to get some things in my new Etsy store!! I have several things to put in but everything takes so much time! The pink tags with the little girl in bonnets went to the Etsy store. I finished up a new collage and the wallpaper background came from the sweet Lisa at a Thing For Roses. The Christmas window I did is for sale in my antique mall, I have it hanging outside in the entrance instead of a wreath;-) The other photos are little areas of my vintage Christmas decorations. You can check out the side bar for my Esty store and while you are there check out new banner from Mary at IsabellasCloset made for me using one of my collage photos. I also have a few altered Christmas clipboards I made that I have added in the store. Up there at the top of this post, is a set of Christmas ornaments out of old metal Christmas light reflectors and vintage wallpaper. Those were fun!

Ok question~Does anyone ever feel like they just keep spinning in circles, work and working but seem to be getting nowhere? I have been feeling a lot like that lately. I think there is just so much I WANT to do and trying to make time for it all. But here's a plus for me!~ do I have all my Christmas decorating done!! I am sitting by my tree now with the fireplace on, cozy:-) (wish my camera would take a decent picture of my tree, I will have to keep trying) Tonite I am all alone and plan on spending the entire evening in my workroom so I can get more things done.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and who managed to go out on Black Friday? Not me, I remember how scary Kohl's was last year!
Ok this is posting is short, sweet and all over the place, lol, told you I was spinning in circles;-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Finally Made it To the Prom!!

Whew, it has been a busy day and I forgot how long it takes to get all prettied up. Thanks to Natasha for hosting a prom!! I feel as if I have been transported back in time. I just love the vintage pink crinoline dress but glad I have a silky slip underneath, it is starting to tickle, lol.

Wonder if it will be chilly out with the top down on my Cadillac? I better grab my mink stole! I decided to be princess for the evening and wear my tiara, but not sure how long I will be able to keep these long gloves on. What if my nose itches??!! Doesn't everyone look like they are having a good time? Oh look what Lucy gave me! A signed photo of her! (yes it really is mine and real) She must be making the rounds since she was over at Natasha's earlier. Well time to mingle with all the others!!
It has been fun!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lots To Do and Christmas is Coming!!

I have a hard time finding the time to do what I need to do and then on top of it all Christmas is coming, FAST!!! The day after Thanksgiving I have a Christmas work party for my antique dealers, it is a carry in and they all decorate their booths. I am not doing an open house in the store this year but everyone is running some really great sales. I like to have my Christmas tree in my apartment decorated for the party and I set up the food in my kitchen that is connected to my living room. It makes it feel so festive and I hope it inspires them to be in the Christmas spirit. I have lots to do this weekend and I just asked my attached man to help Saturday night with all the Christmas decor. He was a sweetie and said "of course" I almost have my store decorating done. Check out the pink pre-lite tree I got at Walmart for $17.96!! I am doing a pink/white/silver front window. I will post a pic later on, it isn't finished yet. And right when you walk into the store I have a black/white/silver display. How about black and silver snowflakes!? I just wanted to post a quickie and I hopefully I will have a chance to read some blogs soon! The holidays are nice but where does all the time go?? I had a lot more time a month ago!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Gratitude Gala

I am going to do my Gratitude Gala post along with my photo of myself that I was tagged by Rhonda to post.
I am so grateful that I still have my grandmother with me and she still has a great mind. She is in the hospital right now and I am praying she recovers. The one photo is of the both of us when I was 4 or 5. The other is the photo is of me on the same day. Times were sweet then. I grew up going to visit my grandmother and staying over night. I would read Donna Parker, Cherry Ames, Vickie Barr, all those great old books. My sister and I loved to place dress up in the old clothes, AND buttons!! LOVED sorting the old buttons. I have such great childhood memories of both of my grandmothers. But I only have this one left. I hope to get around to everyones blog over the weekend, it has been a while and I miss everyone! Life has been busy lately. I guess when I think about it, I am doing exactly what I did when I was little girl, as a big girl for my real job. Yes, lots to be thankful for.