Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just Hangin' Around

Today is a cozy Sunday and I think I will make a mixed berry crostata and top it with a nice big scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. For the main course I am going to make chicken with fluffy dumplings. An easy menu but will taste great on a Winter Sunday.
The hanging umbrella photo was taken out in my antiques mall. I took several damaged umbrellas that I had and hung them upside down. They were too pretty to ditch and I just love way they look. It really draws the eye up and you don't even notice the ugly ceiling as much!
Then over here in my apartment bathroom I hung a small piece of trellis and then added a cute framed page out of an antique children's book, a few millinery flowers and some other odds and ends. Neat way to bring the outside garden indoors all year long.
Just hangin' around today and thought I would share some things that hang out around me. Have a Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weirdo Facts & Awards Sprinkled w/Valentines

This is my corner shelf in my kitchen where I love to do little holiday displays. I finally got some of my vintage Valentines out.

Lisa over at A Thing For Roses tagged me to list 7 Weird facts about myself. The other night I was discussing this with my attached man and asking him what was something HE considered weird about me. I sort of kept pushing the issue and he pipes up and says "well it isn't like you are a member of the Addams Family or anything" I KNOW that, duh. We were both laughing at this point so it made for a fun discussion. But get this....All evening he kept saying well how about this?? And what about this? I told him it was no longer open for discussion and to stop trying to think of things that make me weird, lol. Here is what I came up with.........
1. I think dirt stinks, that earth smell, yuck it makes me gag. When I plant flowers I have to almost hold my breath 2. I have vintage ribbons I use for bookmarks and they have to match the book I am reading 3. I have tons of dinner plates because I can't serve food on plates if it doesn't match (ex. green beans on a green plate, NO) 4. I have to be the 1st one to mess up the top of a new jar of peanut butter. 5. I fix my hair before bed that way if there is a fire or emergency I won't show up on the local news looking like a total mess(can you say Paranoid) 6. I can't go on a road trip without having something to sift or sort through, my sister calls it "squirreling" She says I am like a freaking squirrel putting away nuts for winter. (we used to do lots of road trips) OK I quit, that is enough and you all are thinking I am nut for sure.
Not sure who to tag but I will give it some thought.

Brittany at
Adeline's Shabby Cottage
tagged me with the Amazing Blogger award~Thank you Brittany! I believe I will pass it on to Jennifer over at Dust Bunny Hostage

I also received the Nice Matters Award from Robin at Bittersweet Punkin Thank you Robin!! I want to pass it along to Cathy at Treasured Heirloms
It has been a busy week so far but a good one!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy Friday

This is the rose that my attached man brought to me, so pretty and so sweet! I am feeling much better today. I hope everyone has a great weekend and to all you sickies.... Get better soon!!!
Hugs to all and an extra one to those who stopped by to wish me well:-)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sick Day

Today is a sick day for me. I hate the coughing, hacking, runny nose, runny eyes and fever. I am lucky that I have all the meds in the cabinet to start taking to make me feel better faster. I have asthma so I have steroids I have to start on for that. Guess I knew it would catch up with me sooner or later. You know you feel bad if you don't even want to read new magazines or visit blogs. I closed for the 1st part of the day and then someone came in and opened the store at 1. I don't think anyone wants my cooties. I know I don't want theirs, lol. Maybe later I can get around and visit blogs....... now it is time for another nap, must be the codine in the cough syrup.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sorting & Sifting

I can not believe it has been so many days since my last post! time flies when you're busy. I managed to make it to a flea market and found a few things then I went to an estate auction and Hit the mother load!! Filled my Envoy to the top, every nook and cranny inside plus had the bed of a truck full with furniture. I bought box lots of linens, millinery flowers, bark cloth, vintage clothing, furniture, and the list goes on. When it is such a good price I just can't seem to say no. I worry later about how will I get it home, lol. While I was still unloading and sorting from the auction, I got a call to help sort and clean out a local estate. OH boy more fun stuff!! Jewelry, vintage clothes, linens, and I just started. I found a darling vintage wallpaper hat box that goes in my keep pile! I am so tired though, I woke up Thursday morning and while I was eating my bowl of cereal I was checking on the weather, and I bet I refreshed it 2 times and couldn't understand why it was giving me Thursdays weather. I thought it was Friday! Now that is tired huh? I mean I can understand waking up and not realize what day it is but I had already been to the bathroom for Pete's sake!
Here are a couple of pictures, a cute little vintage pillow with geraniums and the tin of millinery flowers that I am keeping. Guess I better get back to sorting! Maybe I won't get too many customers so I can keep looking for treasures!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Off to a Snowy Creative Start

So far 2008 has been a very snowy start to the new year, We had a few inches of snow and it is now 4 above zero. I love the snow but I don't like it this cold! Yesterday I didn't do the "Removal of the Christmas" I decided I can do that any ol' time, not too often do I get an extra day with my antique store closed. (since I live behind my store it always feels like I have company even if I am not working) So I took advantage of the quiet time, I got a nap by the fireplace, I read a few magazines, (actually looked at the photos, lol) and I spent some time in my craft room making a few things. Some got finished and others are just started. It was a nice cozy day! To me that is what January is all about here in the Midwest, staying cozy. Think I will make some potato cheese soup, sounds good on a day like today.

I have posted photos of some of my projects, finished and unfinished. Also a photo of the lamp shade I made for part of my sisters Christmas.

Last Friday I got out to an antique/junk store and here is the little bit that I found there, can you see a theme going here? Not sure what I am going to do with the metal ice cream spoons but I couldn't pass up 35 of them for $6 and my rose hat box was only $3. I got all of this for less than $20, I think I got a steal!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!