Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's the Last Day of May...How Sad

I hate to see the month of May go. So much has happened this month but we end the month celebrating my birthday:-) This photo was taken at my grandmother's house 41 years ago! Note that pink was the color of choice back then AND my grandmother gave me a fresh flower arrangement, a pink diva in the making, lol. Do any of you remember those doll cakes? My sister and I got those for a lot of our birthdays when we were young.

I have many photos to share but I will have to do that a different post. A friend of mine and I are hosting a Vintage Themed Bridal Costume Party~everyone has to come dressed as a vintage bride, bridesmaid or flower girl. That is this coming Friday and my courtyard isn't finished yet~~ Yikes! Gotta get busy.

I did capture this completed rainbow yesterday after some storms blew through, not often do I see one that I can see the top part OR do I have a camera handy, lol.

Hope to visit everyone soon, until then
have a wonderful week!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Look at what I have!!!

I have my very 1st grand baby!! After some difficulties he came into the world late afternoon last Friday. He is so cuddly and cute:-) I am going to be called Mimi~I am too young to be called "grandma" lol! Everyone is doing great now.

We have been working on expanding my back courtyard to include the wonderful vintage Cherry Camper~I will be posting photos soon! I have these little fairies that I tuck into the the flowers. They were a bit damaged and I hated to throw them out so they became Garden Fairies.

I picked this bouquet out of my grandmother's yard on Mother's Day. She is going to be 90 this year and still lives at home. She is a very special lady and does amazingly well for her age.

There has been a lot going on lately and not much time to blog. Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day! We are going to have a cookout at my parents and they live slightly over 60 miles away from Indy so we can watch the Indy 500 on TV. I have been SO many times over the years and it is always fun. I used to love to go but now I just don't care for the crowds and heat. More fun to be with the family. Hope my son and daughter-in-law will come visit with the BABY!
Have super weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day & The Winner is...............

I just love this vintage Mother's Day card, it fits me to a T~I have blond hair, 3 black and white cats, and love pink! I wanted to share it with you all:-)
So sorry for the delay on announcing the winner of my post but if you look at the photos of the wallpaper boxes you will understand~I bought all of those PLUS other stuff at a sale!! I had to drive a little way to this sale, my mother called me and told me about it. I opened my store late but it was SO worth it!!! I even got a lot of vintage wallpaper, sewing stuff and trim. I just didn't have the energy to post last night.

Back to the winner~~~~Congrats to Michelle @ I am a Little Teapot~

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!