Friday, February 22, 2008

This Week Went FAST!

I can not believe how fast these weeks are flying by! It will be spring here soon and I am not even half way through my winter projects. Does anyone else have winter projects? I think it makes the winter go so much faster. I look at winter as a cozy nesting time. Maybe I am crazy but hey it works for me, lol.
Besides working I have had time to design a rhinestone frame from vintage jewelry, you know how I like my collage work:-) You can see it on Ebay here. It is so sparkling in pinks and aquas.
I finished up another lampshade and it sits atop of a cute little terrier dog lamp. It is for sale in my antique mall at the moment but might list it in Etsy or Ebay. Poor little puppy gets lost under the fringe!

I was hoping to make a longer post here but I have customers coming into the store. Maybe I will add another one sooner than I have been!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Here is an business card holder I just finished tonite!! You can find it for sale here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I haven't had much time for anything fun lately but I did want to make sure I wished everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!! My attached man is taking me to a nice romantic restaurant for dinner and that is always special. No big plans though, the usually candy exchange~hopefully he will get me my usual~Godivas, the dark ones are my favorites!

The Valentine Swap was fun and it was my 1st one. This is what I sent to my swap partner. I had a fun time with it and was hard to stop once I got started, lol. We had a pink theme going for both of us.

this is what my swap partner sent to me~Laura from Laura'sPretties~Isn't that little mailbox darling!? It was filled with all sorts of fun stuff!! She has a really pretty website too!

Gotta run but hope you all have a
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pretties & an Award!

I received a You Make My Day Award from Michelle over at I'm A Little Teapot, Thank you Michelle! That was so sweet of you to think of me!! I need to pass this on and I would love to pass it on to everyone I visit but I will have to pick 2~Lisa at A Thing for Roses and Casii at Granny Panty Chic.

Nothing much has been going on this week, Let's see..........I am still recovering from bronchitis and Tuesday I coughed so hard I cracked my rib, talk about pain! You just don't realize how much your ribs are involved in what you do, and nothing cuts a sneeze off faster than the sharp pain of a cracked rib, LOL. I haven't had a good sneeze in days. We were suppose to get a big snowstorm Thursday but it wasn't big at all:-( we only got around 6 inches, what a bummer I wanted to have the store closed for a snow day. I did open late, no way I could shovel so I had to wait on someone to come in and do that.
Tonight is date night but it will be VERY casual, the only thing I want to be is comfy this weekend. Flannel pants all day tomorrow!

My living room is still full of vintage clothes, linens, hankies, gloves, and lots of other estate goodies. No place else for the stuff to go so for now instead of a Christmas tree I have a clothing rack. I love having stuff to sort!! When I buy, I buy in bulk and I buy it cheap! LOL that is the only way to get it:-)

This photo of all the pink pretties is in my living room. It isn't decorated for Valentine's Day but I think it would work if I just tucked a few pink ones in here and there. I just love pink roses. The lampshade I made out of a damaged Victorian velvet and trimmed it with old metallic trim. The other photo that has the flue covers is also in my living room. I love to be surrounded by antiques and I really like my roses!

I need to get my Heart Swap stuff finished and shipped out on Monday. I do hope my partner likes her things. We are doing all pink and I have had a hard time to come up with all pink Valentine things. As soon as she gets it I will post photos of what I sent. Does anyone ever worry if their partner will like what they have sent? This was my 1st swap and I guess those thoughts have just gone through my mind. Here is a peek of what I have for her.

I don't really care who wins the Super Bowl I just hope there are some great commercials! Have a fun weekend!!